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Jan absolvierte sein Praktikum im Schulbüro


Why did you decide to do your work experience at the TU Berlin?        

I felt that for my work experience I should do something that could help me in the future, rather than working somewhere where I have no intention of working at in the future e.g. a hotel or cafe. Since I will hopefully be going to university in the near future I decided to do my work experience at the TU Berlin to get a feel of what it is like.

What did you do during your work experience?

During my work experience I got the opportunity to do a few things including: campus tour, attending meetings, visiting places that I wanted to see and getting an insight into what one of the university lectures looks like. In my everyday work I helped with making the university reach out to more people by adding English subtitles to videos and translating webpages from German to English.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the campus tour the most, as it allowed me to see the facilities that the university had to offer, and the many different buildings. The tour let me see almost the full size of the university, and what it has to offer in greater depth.

What impression do you have of the university?

During my three weeks working at the university my opinion of it changed. At first I thought that the campus was too big and daunting, but after the campus tour I realised that it was quite easy to navigate. The people that I worked with were also very nice, and I was offered a coffee every morning, and was free to use the kitchen appliances as I wanted to.

What could you imagine yourself doing after the IB course?

At this moment in time I cannot lay a finger on exactly what I want to do, but perhaps something to with physics and/or chemistry which leads to me thinking about some type of engineering. However, there are many choices at the TU and other universities, so I could change my mind depending on what I enjoy doing during the IB course.

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