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Rent-a-Prof. - Mathematics

lecture series
Grade 8-13
School subjects: Mathematics

With Prof. Dr. Henk Matrin students get the possibility of a university lecture with a real professor of mathematics, specifically tailored to the students.

from 8th grade:

PackMath - Mathematical spacial Problems – How do you fit circles into triangles and squares and how many fit in? This course requires a Basic knowledge of geometry.

From 10th grade:

Ball, Kepler, Disasters – Spacial mathematical problems - Higher dimensions and sophisticated problems with applications and a great (almost thrilling) History of Science.

Maths with the Simpsons - Maths class with Homer & Co.

Maths - what {t, o} do? - Occupations and job profiles of mathematicians.

More offers of Prof. Dr. Martin Henk page.

Information for registration
45 - 60 min
Group size:
from 12 students
respective school or in a room at the TU Berlin
according to the arrangement
Group registration via e-mail (information: Age of pupils, mathematical education, technical requirements)


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